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My children go to ENGAINES Primary school in little Clacton.
i have seen and other parents have witnessed some children who are in th upper years having to cross the busy school road and almost getting hit by cars and buses because either the vehicle is travelling more than 30mph or just not paying attention.
i myself cross this road sometimes when I collected my children who are in the lower years and find it incredibly difficult to cross as the cars are just travelling too fast. especially today as it was heavy rain and the island in the middle of the road only fits 2x people on it, and I pick up 3x children so 9 times out of 10, we have to wait for it to be clear both lanes before running across.
Not Specified
Monday, 1 June 2015
Wednesday, 1 June 2016
Shelley McCarthy-Dunnett
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Shelley McCarthy-Dunnett - Petitioner
This petition has been reviewed and the following response has been offered:
Thank you for raising a petition with Essex County Council. We value every contact we have with residents of Essex but on this occasion, as your petition has not received sufficient signatures, no further action will be taken.
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16/06/2016 13:53 Judith Dignum Response PublishedResponse Published
16/06/2016 13:52 Judith Dignum Response ApprovedResponse Published
02/06/2016 13:39 Andy Gribben  Response Awaiting Approval
02/06/2016 03:38(System Event)Petition Closed (responder emailed requesting response)Response Pending
02/06/2016 03:38(System Event)Petition Closed (responder emailed requesting response)Response Pending
24/07/2015 14:26 Andy Gribben Petitioner notified by email that petition has been approvedPetition Active
24/07/2015 14:26 Andy Gribben Petition Signed - Shelley McCarthy-Dunnett - PetitionerPetition Active
24/07/2015 14:26 Andy Gribben Approver Allocated: Judith Dignum Petition Active
24/07/2015 14:26 Andy Gribben Responder Allocated: Andy Gribben Awaiting Approver Allocation
24/07/2015 14:26 Andy Gribben Petition ApprovedAwaiting Responder Allocation
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