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Improve the signs in Colchester in regards to cyclists
Petition has closed and a council responder is preparing a response.

Colchester has a problem with numerous Cyclists not following the highway code, which poses a risk to vulnerable pedestrians.

Ipswich Road, Cowdray Avenue, Brook street, and even the High street all have cyclists riding on the pavement illegally.

Whilst the police do not have the resources to tackle this and consider this to be a minor matter (even choosing to ignore them when they see them), the council should at the very least improve the signage throughout the town to make cyclists aware.

Only one side of Ipswich road allows for cyclists, yet they ride on both sides. In areas where it is allowed for pedestrians and cyclists on the pavement, there should be signs reminding the cyclists to give way to pedestrians.

On Cowdray Avenue, the signs direct cyclists away from the (narrow) path, yet this is ignored. Signs displaying "Pedestrians only" or "No Cyclists" should be on every other lamppost, to remind them to be on the road.The High street and Brook street should have similar signs.

Previous requests to the council have been met with "Cyclists understand not to ride on the pavement" or "There is sufficient signage". Considering this is an ongoing problem, which has been not been addressed for years, the council need to do more to protect vulnerable pedestrians. Elderly people and children should not be put at risk of harm just because many cyclists cannot remember where they are supposed to ride. At least if the council took responsibility and improved the signs, cyclists could be more easily advised and have no excuse for riding on the pavement.


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Monday, 16 July 2018
Friday, 26 July 2019
Oliver Newton
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Oliver Newton - Petitioner
This petition has been reviewed and the following response has been offered:
27/07/2019 05:04(System Event)Petition Closed (responder emailed requesting response)Response Pending
27/07/2019 05:04(System Event)Petition Closed (responder emailed requesting response)Response Pending
16/07/2018 11:18 Andy Gribben Petitioner notified by email that petition has been approvedPetition Active
16/07/2018 11:18 Andy Gribben Petition Signed - Oliver Newton - PetitionerPetition Active
16/07/2018 11:18 Andy Gribben Approver Allocated: Judith Dignum Petition Active
16/07/2018 11:17 Andy Gribben Responder Allocated: Andy Gribben Awaiting Approver Allocation
16/07/2018 11:16 Andy Gribben Petition ApprovedAwaiting Responder Allocation
16/07/2018 11:16 Andy Gribben Petition Updated:
Opening Date changed from "26/05/2018" to "16/07/2018"
Closing Date changed from "26/05/2019" to "26/07/2019"
Pending Approval
23/05/2018 13:53 Oliver Newton Petition Submitted: Improve the signs in Colchester in regards to cyclistsPending Approval
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