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This is your opportunity to find out about decisions which could affect you and your community.

Essex County Council has 75 elected councillors who meet at Full Council and sit on a wide range of committees to listen to your views and make decisions about life in Essex. Essex County Council has a Leader and a Cabinet who make all the major decisions. The Cabinet consists of 10 councillors. Each of the 10 cabinet members has special responsibility for a different service area, referred to as their portfolio.

 When major decisions are to be discussed or made these are published in the Cabinet's Forward Plan.

The Council itself makes decisions on the budget and the overall policies within which the Council works. The Constitution delegates authority to the Cabinet to make decisions about the day to day running of the Council within an agreed budget and the policy framework. decisions are taken at Cabinet meetings or by individual Cabinet Members.

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8089FP/590/12/19Termination of the Tendring PPP Contract for 12 Primary Schools in TendringPortfolioDecision Confirmed23/Dec/19
8091FP/592/12/19Application for Motor Racing OrderPortfolioDecision Confirmed24/Dec/19
8092FP/593/12/19Appointment and Re-Appointment of School Governors by Essex LA - Schedule 339PortfolioDecision Confirmed30/Dec/19
8096FP/596/12/19Chelmsford City Growth Package: Hybrid cycleway - New Street, ChelmsfordPortfolioDecision Confirmed07/Jan/20
8104040/08/01/20Grant Agreements for the delivery of energy and financial wellbeing advice to households suffering fuel povertyOfficerDecision Confirmed08/Jan/20
8098FP/598/01/20Change of ECC representation on the Health and Wellbeing BoardPortfolioDecision Confirmed09/Jan/20
8102FP/603/01/20Proposed expansion of Merrylands Primary School and Nursery, BasildonPortfolioDecision Confirmed10/Jan/20
8101FP/602/01/19Award of Contracts for Evening and Sunday supported local bus servicesPortfolioDecision Confirmed10/Jan/20
8103FP/604/01/20Essex Cares Limited – Shareholder Approval of Business Plan 2020/21PortfolioDecision Confirmed13/Jan/20
8106OED 13.01.20392. Officer Executive DecisionOfficerDecision Confirmed13/Jan/20
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