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Decision Confirmed
Proposed No Waiting at Any Time restrictions, Willingale Road & Sandford Avenue, Loughton
Is a Key Decision:
Stakeholder Involvement
Date on which, or period within which, we expect the decision to be taken
Mon 7 Sep 2020
Decision Date Notes

Decision published 02.09.20

call in ends 07.09.20


Cabinet Member
Deputy Leader and Infrastructure
Include Item on Forward Plan:
Lead Officer

Vicky Presland - Head of Design, Essex Highways

Chloe Livingstone - Essex Highways


Background Papers:
Decision Type:
Decision Maker Role:
Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Infrastructure
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Is the Head of Services Aware of the Decision:

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Decision Criteria

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Chigwell and Loughton Broadway


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Overview and Scrutiny

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Decision History

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02/09/2020 11:54:29Michael HayesBusiness Item Created 
02/09/2020 11:56:34Michael HayesDivision AddedChigwell and Loughton Broadway
02/09/2020 11:58:24Michael HayesReport AddedDocument ID 132670: FP-798-09-20 App 1
02/09/2020 11:58:27Michael HayesReport AddedDocument ID 132671: FP-798-09-20 App 2
02/09/2020 11:58:31Michael HayesReport AddedDocument ID 132672: FP-798-09-20 App 3
02/09/2020 11:58:34Michael HayesReport AddedDocument ID 132673: FP-798-09-20 App 4 EqIA
02/09/2020 11:58:37Michael HayesReport AddedDocument ID 132674: FP-798-09-20
02/09/2020 11:59:24Michael HayesStatus ChangedDecision Subject To Call In [3]
09/09/2020 12:08:29Michael HayesStatus ChangedDecision Confirmed [6]


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