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Meetings Calendar

Set out below is a Calender of Meetings. Click on the meeting to find out more about it.

Here you can find details of meetings that took place since 1 January 2000 but to find details of meetings prior to this period please contact Democratic Services.

If you go to 'Committees' on the menu on the left-hand side of the page you will find out more about the meetings and membership.

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September 2020
September 2020
September, 2020
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10:00 Essex Climate Action Commission : Online Meeting
10:00 Cabinet : Online Meeting
10:15 Committee to consider applications to undertake certain duties by Members and foreign travel by Officers : Online Meeting
10:00 Essex Health and Wellbeing Board : Online Meeting
10:30 People and Families Policy and Scrutiny Committee : Online Meeting
10:00 SELEP Accountability Board : Online Meeting
10:00 Essex Pension Strategy Board : Online Meeting
10:30 Health Overview Policy and Scrutiny Committee : Online Meeting
14:00 Essex Pension Fund Advisory Board : Online Meeting
10:30 Place Services and Economic Growth Policy and Scrutiny Committee : Online Meeting
09:00 Senior Management Employment Committee : Online Meeting
10:30 Development and Regulation Committee : Online Meeting
11:45 Senior Management Employment Sub-Committee : Online Meeting
10:30 Audit, Governance and Standards Committee : Online Meeting
10:30 Corporate Policy and Scrutiny Committee : Committee Room 1
14:00 Essex Climate Action Commission : Online Meeting
10:30 Corporate Parenting Panel : Online Meeting
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