Election Division Candidates

County Council
04 June 2009
Billericay and Burstead
0 ( 0 spoilt papers)
19,939 ( Turnout)
Candidate NamePartyVote CountPercentage of VotesElected?
Anthony Michael Headley
Conservative Party 622431.22This Member is Elected Yes
Kay Twitchen
Conservative Party 502125.18This Member is Elected Yes
Susan Patricia McCaffery
Say No to European Union 17218.63 No
Martin Keith Howard
Liberal Democrats 16388.22 No
Stephen William Nice
Liberal Democrats 15197.62 No
Margaret Mary Viney
Labour Party 9134.58 No
Kim Elizabeth Gandy
English Democrats -"Putting England First" 7953.99 No
Michael Richard Bateman
British National Party Local People First 7353.69 No
Anthony Richard Emrys Borlase
Labour Party 7173.6 No
Irene Lillian Bateman
British National Party Local People First 6563.29 No
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