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This petition calls on Essex County Council to retain South Benfleet Library as a fully funded library service with full digital access; funded staffed and serviced by Essex County Council.

Within the Library Services Strategy 2019-2024 South Benfleet Library has been classified as a Tier 3 library which is explained as a ‘Library services where no library is needed in order to have a comprehensive and efficient network, but where ECC wishes to support the provision of library services run by a community organisation or other partners with ECC support.’

and is described as:

‘Run by the community or other partners with ECC support. If no suitable offer for a location is received and accepted within six months of Cabinet approval of the strategy, we intend to re-consult on the future of that library. This six-month period may be extended to up to 12 months if proposals have been received but not agreed - or if we believe that deliverable proposals are likely to be forthcoming during that period’

We believe that the closure of South Benfleet Library would be a loss of an important Community Asset which must continue to be fully funded, staffed and serviced by Essex County Council as presently delivered.

Closure of a fully funded, staffed service by Essex County Council would result in people who currently use the Library having to travel at cost of both time and money and possible pollution due to increased traffic to Rayleigh or Canvey.  Other users such as the local schools, children and more vulnerable residents will be unable to visit the Library at all.  South Benfleet Library is central to the community of Benfleet, providing a safe and convenient location for all, whether it be young people having private tuition as well as community support groups.  The latter being especially important as Castle Point no longer has a dedicated Citizens Advice Bureau.  The Library is used at least 2 days each week for organisations such as Peabody who provide essential help for those needed advice and support.

The removal of the Library will also leave people unable to access computers.  This is an increasing way for Government to require the public to interact with them.  This will further disadvantage those groups in most need.

This petition calls on Essex County Council to retain South Benfleet Library as a fully funded Library service with full digital access; funded, staffed and serviced by Essex County Council. 

Not Specified
Wednesday, 5 December 2018
Thursday, 14 February 2019
Peter Chapman
This petition currently has 18 signatures in total.
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Neil Brown
Lorna Chapman
Joan Chapman
Peter Chapman - Petitioner
Kayley Davies
Thomas Davies
Emma Finnis
Caroline Glass
Sheila Glass
Michelle Hill
This petition has been reviewed and the following response has been offered:

Dear Peter

Thank you for raising a petition Regarding South Benfleet Library. It is important to us that we continue to engage with members of the public on the library consultation.

Your petition has now closed and gained 18 signatures. 

Please be aware that your petition has been drawn to the attention of the relevant service area who will respond directly to you.

Thank you.

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25/02/2019 14:13 Judith Dignum Response PublishedResponse Published
25/02/2019 14:13 Judith Dignum Response ApprovedResponse Published
15/02/2019 14:27 Jasmine Carswell  Response Awaiting Approval
15/02/2019 01:09(System Event)Petition Closed (responder emailed requesting response)Response Pending
15/02/2019 01:09(System Event)Petition Closed (responder emailed requesting response)Response Pending
14/02/2019 22:06Unregistered UserPetition Signed: Robert WebberPetition Active
14/02/2019 22:04Unregistered UserPetition Signed: Clare WebberPetition Active
26/01/2019 14:11Unregistered UserPetition Signed: Sheila GlassPetition Active
26/01/2019 13:05Unregistered UserPetition Signed: Caroline GlassPetition Active
19/01/2019 18:02Unregistered UserPetition Signed: Thomas DaviesPetition Active
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