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As the colder months are closing in, the increase of cars on the road is also increasing. More children are being dropped off to school via car and that means more traffic.


parking as a general has always been a bit of a nightmare but in the last few months it has got worse. One of the main reasons is the village car park which is attached to the rear of the school has been gated closed. Sthe car park could sometimes be a nightmare as parents wouldn’t park correctly or they’d be inconsiderate but the issue with it being closed means that those cars that would normally park in the car park now have to park elsewhere. This has resulted in cars parking in front of people’s driveways, on grass verges, double yellows and even the zig zag lines in front of the school.

because of the way parents and other people are parking, it is harder to see the children and some parents are just parking half on the pavement, half on the road.


we need the car park reopened but only allow a certain number of cars to park in there. We also need a zebra crossing where the island is down London road outside the village hall or a lollipop person as the amount of children either crossing the road on there own or with an adult and being unable to cross due to speeding vehicles or because they simply unable to see the best place to cross.


our school is constantly getting bigger and this means that there are more cars on the road.


we would also like the authority to stick notices on owners vehicles warning them to park properly.


our number one priority is our children and nothing else. We need to make our school as safe as possible. That means starting with our roads

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Wednesday, 13 December 2017
Friday, 30 March 2018
Shelley McCarthy-Dunnett
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