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All 75 members of the Council meet together five times a year in public to set the annual budget; determine policy; approve the Constitution and any changes to it; discuss motions put forward by members of the Council; and ask questions of the Leader, Cabinet Members and Committee Chairmen.
01 January 2009 - onwards
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11 December 201810:0016:00Council ChamberOccurred
12 February 201910:0016:00Council ChamberOccurred
12 March 201910:0016:00Council ChamberOccurred
14 May 201910:0016:00Council ChamberOccurred
09 July 201910:0016:00Council ChamberOccurred
08 October 201910:0016:00Council ChamberOccurred
11 February 202010:0016:00Council ChamberOccurred
14 July 202010:0016:00Online MeetingOccurred
13 October 202010:0016:00Council ChamberScheduled 
08 December 202010:0016:00Council ChamberScheduled 


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Elected Members

PartyNameRoleMembership DatesAttendance
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Green Party
James Edward Abbott Deputy Leader of Non-Aligned Group Member 05/05/2017 - current 94%
Conservative Party
John Francis Aldridge Member 05/05/2017 - current 100%
Liberal Democrats
Barry Roy Aspinell Member 05/05/2017 - current 86%
Liberal Democrats
John Baker Member 05/05/2017 - current 82%
Conservative Party
Tony Ball - Cabinet Member for Economic Development Member 05/05/2017 - current 94%
Conservative Party
Mrs Susan Barker - Cabinet Member for Customer, Communities, Culture Member 05/05/2017 - current 100%
Non-Aligned Group
Jo Beavis - Member of Non-Aligned Group Member 05/05/2017 - current 100%
Conservative Party
Kevin Paul Bentley Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Member 05/05/2017 - current 100%
Canvey Island Independent Party
Dave Blackwell - Member of Non Member 05/05/2017 - current 76%
Conservative Party
Mrs Anne Brown Member 05/05/2017 - current 88%
Andy Gribben

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