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These meetings will be live streamed to the ECC Democracy YouTube Channel


All 75 members of the Council meet together five times a year in public to set the annual budget; determine policy; approve the Constitution and any changes to it; discuss motions put forward by members of the Council; and ask questions of the Leader, Cabinet Members and Committee Chairmen.
01 January 2009 - onwards
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PartyNameRoleMembership DatesAttendance
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Liberal Democrats
Barry Roy Aspinell Member 05/05/2017 - current 82%
Conservative Party
Tony Ball - Cabinet Member for Education Excellence, Life Long Learning Member 05/05/2017 - current 92%
Conservative Party
Lewis Barber Member 06/05/2021 - current 88%
Conservative Party
Mrs Susan Barker Member 05/05/2017 - current 100%
Conservative Party
Kevin Paul Bentley - Leader of the Council, Leader of the Conservative Group Member 05/05/2017 - current 100%
Canvey Island Independent Party
Dave Blackwell - Member of Non-Aligned Group Member 05/05/2017 - current 75%
Conservative Party
Lynette Bowers-Flint Member 06/05/2021 - current 69%
Conservative Party
Malcolm Robert Buckley Member 05/05/2017 - current 94%
Conservative Party
Graham Butland Member 05/05/2017 - current 100%
Liberal Democrats
Mark Cory Member 06/05/2021 - current 81%
Sophie Campion

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