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Comprises the Leader of the Council and nine Cabinet Members (appointed by the Leader) and is responsible for exercising all Executive Functions
01 May 2000 - onwards
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25 February 202010:0012:00Committee Room 1Occurred
17 March 202010:0012:00Committee Room 1Occurred
26 May 202010:0012:00Online MeetingOccurred
21 July 202010:0012:00Online MeetingScheduled
15 September 202010:0012:00Committee Room 1Scheduled 
20 October 202010:0012:00Committee Room 1Scheduled 
24 November 202010:0012:00Committee Room 1Scheduled 
15 December 202010:0012:00Committee Room 1Scheduled 
19 January 202110:0012:00Committee Room 1Scheduled 
23 February 202110:0012:00Committee Room 1Scheduled 


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Elected Members

PartyNameRoleMembership DatesAttendance
Conservative Party
Tony Ball - Cabinet Member for Economic Development Cabinet Member for Economic Development 11/06/2019 - current 100%
Conservative Party
Mrs Susan Barker - Cabinet Member for Customer, Communities, Culture Customer, Corporate, Culture and Communities 10/05/2017 - current 100%
Conservative Party
Kevin Paul Bentley Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Infrastructure 10/05/2017 - current 55%
Conservative Party
David Malcolm Finch Leader of the Council Leader of the Conservative Group Leader 10/05/2017 - current 70%
Conservative Party
Raymond John Gooding Cabinet Member for Education and Skills Cabinet Member for Education and Skills 10/05/2017 - current 91%
Conservative Party
Dick Alfred Madden - Cabinet Member for Performance Business Planning and Cabinet Member for Performance, Business Planning and Partnerships 10/05/2017 - current 74%
Conservative Party
Louise McKinlay Cabinet Member for Children Children & Families 10/05/2017 - current 78%
Conservative Party
John Andrew Spence CBE - Cabinet Member for Health and Adult Health & Adult Social Care 10/05/2017 - current 83%
Conservative Party
Simon Michael Walsh Cabinet Member for Environment and Climate Change Environment and Climate Change Action 10/05/2017 - current 71%
Conservative Party
Christopher Whitbread - Cabinet Member for Finance Finance 01/05/2020 - current 100%
Judith Dignum

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