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Essex County Council is structured to allow the elected councillors to make decisions effectively, with a degree of oversight that, in addition to public scrutiny, ensures the decisions are made fairly and in the best interest of the people of the county.

The Council, as a political decision-making body, can be divided into four main areas:

  • The Council

  • The Cabinet

  • Standing Committees

  • Overview and Scrutiny Committees


Set out below is a list of all of the Committees. If you click on the meeting you are interested in you will find information about the membership and meetings. By selecting the date of the meeting you can find out more information including the agenda, reports and minutes. Details of Overview and Scrutiny Committees can be found at the foot of this page.

A Calendar of Meetings can be found on the menu on the left hand side of this page.

Scrutiny reports may be found on the menu on the left hand side of the page under Public Documents along with the Overview and Scrutiny Handbook and  guidance.

Development and Regulation Committee Protocols can be found here

Essex County Council

Audit, Governance and Standards Committee

This committee was formed on 11 October 2017 as an amalgamation of the Audit Committee and the Standards Committee. For all the agenda and papers of those previous committees, please go to 'Committees No Longer Active'. (on the left hand menu)


Comprises the Leader of the Council and nine Cabinet Members (appointed by the Leader) and is responsible for exercising all Executive Functions

Committee to consider applications to undertake certain duties by Members and foreign travel by Officers

Determines whether certain categories of duty to be undertaken by a member of the Council should be considered as approved for the purposes of the Member Allowance Scheme. The Committee also approves expenditure on foreign travel by officers.

Committee to Determine the Terms and Conditions of Employment of Chief and Deputy Chief Officers

Responsible for various issues relating to the employment of Chief and Deputy Chief Officers, including appointment and dismissal, appeals against dismissal, terms of conditions of employment and performance pay. Can also delegate to the Chief Executive or her nominee authority to deal with particular appointments and dismissals.

Development and Regulation Committee

Considers planning applications in respect of minerals and waste, County Council development and Village Green status

Essex Countywide Traveller Unit Joint Committee

Committee that brings together representatives of councils across Essex and the Fire and Police Services to oversee the work of the Essex Traveller Unit to bring education, health and welfare services to Gypsies and Travellers, to supervise approved sites

Essex Health and Wellbeing Board

Consists of members from County, District/Borough and City Councils and the Clinical Commissioning Groups with a duty to encourage integrated working.

Essex Pension Strategy Board

Including representatives of fund scheme members the Board ensures the administration and investments comply with regulations and legislation.

Essex Police, Fire and Crime Panel

Comprises representatives of the 15 local authorities in wider Essex, a co-opted member and two independent members. Meets at least four times a year to scrutinise the work of the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner, exercising the function as a critical friend, in support of the Commissioner.

Full Council

All 75 members of the Council meet together five times a year in public to set the annual budget; determine policy; approve the Constitution and any changes to it; discuss motions put forward by members of the Council; and ask questions of the Leader, Cabinet Members and Committee Chairmen.

Great Notley Country Park Joint Venture Partnership Board

As part of the Joint Working Agreement between Essex County Council and Braintree District Council, the Great Notley JVPB was established to: discuss and formulate strategy taking both parties aspirations into consideration, agree specific projects/schemes at the facility and the funding of them, review feedback in relation to the facility and make appropriate provisions to consult locally.

Essex Flood Partnership Board

Essex Flood Partnership Board (Private Meeting)

This meeting is not open to members of the public

Overview and Scrutiny Committees

Corporate Policy and Scrutiny Committee

Reviews overall strategic direction, policies and priorities of the Cabinet and Council including the overall corporate revenue and capital budget strategy, financial resources, equality and diversity, procurement and the transformation programme.

Health Overview Policy and Scrutiny Committee

Reviews and scrutinises matters relating to the planning, provision and operation of health services in the County of Essex. Including primary, secondary, tertiary care, and public health, and may involve reviewing the work of commissioners (such as local clinical commissioning groups), providers of health services (such as hospitals) and other organisations in the health sector.

People and Families Policy and Scrutiny Committee

Exercises a scrutiny function on matters relating to children and young people, families, education, adult social care, special needs and safeguarding. Comprises 18 Members

Place Services and Economic Growth Policy and Scrutiny Committee

Exercises a scrutiny function on matters relating to environment, economic growth and infrastructure, sustainability, highways and transportation, libraries, planning communities, waste and recycling and trading standards. Comprises 14 Members

South East Local Enterprise Partnership

SELEP Accountability Board

The Accountability Board Forward Plans are located under Public Documents